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Monitoring, Response & Key Holding

Monitoring, Response & Key Holding

When choosing a security company that offers Monitoring, Alarm Response and Key Holding, there are a number of steps that you need to do to ensure that the company you will potentially be working with is credible and able to offer the services that you require.

There are many companies that claim to offer these services, but some are not licenced, not eligible to provide them and in the event of something happening, not able to respond.

Before choosing which company to use, these are some of the points that you should be considering.

1. Visit Their Offices

Are they a proper, genuine company and do they have the necessary facilities to professionally offer the services that they claim to offer or are they working out of a room in their house?  Don’t take their word for it.

Do they have the administrative staff to cover all the tasks that they need to?

Has the company and the administrative staff been checked by the Cyprus Police – after all, these people will see and handle your data?

Does the company have the correct insurance and public liability insurance?

2. Ask Questions

There are MANY questions that need to be asked – DO NOT be afraid to ask any and all questions that you want.

There is no harm in asking your present or potential security company to show you all their licences, insurances, etc. and answer any question you may have.

In fact, when it comes to security, YOUR security, it is your RIGHT to , in fact it’s your right to see all facilities of the company, know their procedures, see all licences and ensure that all the staff and management that will be responsible for the safety of your personal and property security are properly trained and licensed.

3. Inspect Their Monitoring Facilities

Ensure that the equipment that they have is up-to-date and able to cover the  needs of the service that they are offering.

Also, check that they have the correct licence to monitor your property?

4. Check the Practices

Check the Security Safe Practices and procedures for your key holding and your data because with the information and the physical keys, anyone can access your property

5. Are They Registered with the Cyprus Police?

Not only the company, but the employees as well.  The Cyprus Police issues companies with 2 types of licences;
a) To install security systems
b) to monitor and respond

Check they are the correct licenses to conduct the responsibilities you are employing then to undertake, as there are different licenses in Cyprus and the training is different for the various roles with each role have different responsibilities and accountability.


It is NOT just the responsibility of the company selling the services, but ALSO the buyer of the services has a responsibility and accountability – BOTH PARTIES HAVE A DUTY OF CARE IN THE UPHOLDING OF THE LAW.

As a PROFESSIONAL SECURITY COMPANY, we also have a duty to the community and the Private Security Industry as a whole to maintain the high standards and practices in the public eye.

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