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Security Dogs

Providing security dogs for protection and security

Good quality, working stock German Shepherds for hire by the hour, shift, day, job or event. The dogs are trained as ‘watchdogs’ rather than attack dogs that so these dogs will patrol with their handler as a deterrent and will bark and show aggression on command from the handler, when there is a perceived threat.

Available Services

  • Mobile Patrol – Usually required at night to patrol empty warehouses, car parks, shopping malls & “high quality” complexes or estates
  • Crowd Control – As a deterrent to keep potential trouble makers at bay at events that attract large crowds, such as football matches
  • One-Off Events – For private hire by the general public or a company (similar to a mobile patrol but on a one off basis)
  • Security Guard Work – As opposed to mobile patrol where the dog and handler would be on the move, this is where the dog and handler are stationary in one place protecting, for example, a house or the entrance to an event

 Example of Usage

A good example of how these can be combined as a group package.

One of the new crimes happening at the moment is involved around Cypriot weddings as these are seen as lucrative events.  Typically, everybody knows who is getting married, when, where, who the relatives are, etc. Because of this, criminals set about burgling the houses of the key people in that wedding, knowing they will not be home for many hours if not the following day and they can take their time. So we offer a package of a dog and handler at the wedding itself doing mobile patrol and crowd control and one dog and handler at each house of the main people from the wedding to act as security guards for the duration of the time that the houses are to be empty.

This does sound a little strange for Cyprus, but many people getting married are using this service for their houses, the houses of the two parents and more – a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Breeding Programme

These are strong, chunky, working stock German Shepherds that are to easily able to manage a 10 to 12 hour working shift. By pre-ordering puppies from arranged litters we get to choose the pick of the litter before the remainder of the litters is offered for sale elsewhere.