Secure Key-Holding Procedure

  • All keys held in a secure mobile safe
  • Keys are kept in transparent tamper proof bags
  • All bags have individual serial numbers
  • Bags are only opened in the case of an emergency or at the request of client
  • Your address is not known by any individual
  • In emergency or at the request of a client, mobile officers will be informed of address and serial number to attend at once
  • In the event the keys have to be accessed, the client informed, the access is logged and a documented new secure bag and serial number issued

Alarm Response Procedure

  • On immediate activation of alarm, control room will dispatch a duty vehicle
  • Response vehicle goes directly to address
  • No matter what the incident, our officers will deal with it, even in the event of a false alarm
  • All relevant agencies (Police, locksmiths, glaziers, carpenters) will be called to secure your property If applicable
  • Clients will be informed as soon as possible via any means
  • All incidents are logged and a detailed documentation is provided