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Smoke Systems

What is a Smoke System?

A Smoke System is a preventative measure where a room is filled with smoke that blocks visibility in that room.

How the Smoke System Works

Once the intruder enters the premises and an alarm is tripped, the Smoke System protection is activated immediately. It releases a harmless, dry smoke by mixing water and glycol, that is then forced through a heating element and completely fills the room within 20 seconds.  This prevents any intruder from being able to see where in the room they are and looking for a quick exit rather than to steal anything. The smoke will remain in the air for up to an hour, but 20 minutes airing is sufficient to clear the room.

Is the Smoke System Expensive?

No, not at all. Not only does it cost less than a personal computer, it is also approved by insurance companies and Police and may actually reduce your insurance premium, thus helping to save you money and giving you peace of mind while the premises are empty.

Some of the advantages of the Smoke System are;

  • Safeguards Valuables
  • Cuts down on losses
  • Provides peace-of-mind whilst premises are empty
  • Protects against vandalism
  • May help prevent important data being lost in the event of a break-in
  • Costs less than a PC
  • Reduces insurance premiums
  • The smoke is harmless to humans and merchandise
  • Thieves can’t steal what they can’t see
  • Uses less electricity than a light bulb