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Se.A.S Testimonials

To whom it may concern,

Having been fortunate and having the opportunity to work with Mr Jeff Greenwood. I quickly realised what a true professional Jeff is. In all aspects of work related matters. Jeff was not only fully dedicated and gave 100% always to the project but treated his personnel and staff with respect and an enthusiastic approach that I believe, all employers should.

Knowing Jeff now over several years. His dedication and work ethics are second to none. Jeff likes to stay up to date and current. Along with his wealth of knowledge, experience and high-end qualifications, he is extremely forward thinking not only to his company but to the security industry in general. Creating and planning ways to make the industry better overall.

Having been in the security industry for over 30 years myself. It is with all the above in mind, that I highly recommend Jeff and his company – Security Absolute Services Cyprus, to any potential client or customer.

Aaron Todd – Managing Director

We have been clients of Jeff Greenwood for just over three years, and we have always been happy with the service we have received.

We have had a number of alarms, mostly self-generated, but the response has always been swift and appropriate. Any service problem, such as a depleted battery, has always been attended without delay.

Last November, we had an actual burglary. We were informed immediately, and arrived on the scene at the same time as the company’s patrol. The burglars would have heard the alarm and had insufficient time to grab anything more than some foreign currency from our travel wallet.

We have no hesitation in recommending Security Absolute Services.

Chris & Patricia Coleman
Kamares, Tala, Paphos

This is to confirm that ever since we engaged the services of your company, Security Absolute Services, we have experienced nothing but immaculate service and support. Any problem has been taken care of immediately and we are given notification of any problem. We have complete confidence in the facilities, the standard of back-up and the overall functioning of the entire security provision.

Mr. & Mrs. Clive Turner
Kamares, Tala, Paphos

Jeff and JJ have made me feel so secure since joining them. Nothing is too much trouble. Their prices are fair, but much more I know if I need them I have contact in a moment by phone and back up straight away by visiting if needed.

My alarms are sensitive as I feel they should be and action is immediate if they activate which is why I would always advise anyone to join up with them. Well done team.

Carol Harvey
Kamares, Tala, Paphos

To whom it my concern

This is to verify, I have known Jeff Greenwood for many years, Jeff helped me develop my skills & professional standards required within the Private Security Industry he has also spent a lot of his time helping and advising the Cyprus Association of licensed security officers and guards, with their formation, He is regularly asked to consult with Industry related issues for the association on codes of practice, procedures and responsibilities required by law.

We also use SeAS Ltd as our collective security service provider, ever since we engaged the services of the company, Security Absolute Services; we have experienced nothing but immaculate service and support. Any issues have been taken care of immediately and we have complete confidence in the Company and staff, the standard of back-up and the overall services of the entire security provision.

As individuals & collectively we have no hesitation to recommend what we consider the best British company providing Private Security Services, in the District of Paphos and indeed Cyprus

Andre Zissimou
Owner of Anavargos Grill House
Secretary of the Cyprus Association of licensed Security Officers & Guards